The built environment, the space in which we live and work, is mainly designed for navigation using visual perception. This inspired us at MWLC to design an approach to autonomous driving using visual information only, eliminating the need for any other sensors. Our efforts have resulted in a proprietary software package CADEN™, a growing number of international patent applications and a working demonstrator of a vehicle that can drive autonomously at walking speeds using only visual (camera) input.

We see a clear international market for our solution and we are moving forward with customers for whom autonomous transport using CADEN™ delivers increased safety; reduced capital and operational cost; and reduced CO2 emissions. Technology evaluations with customers are underway.

Another one of our prospects, bringing together a strong group of partners and stakeholders, will be using CADEN™ to enable the operation of networks of safe, cost-effective, emission free autonomous vehicles to deliver B2B services.

All this fits perfectly with the vision for our company MWLC (established 2017) to develop products and services that can help deliver emission free business models.


MWLC have an experienced team of people who are passionate about what they do. With complementary skills and individual track records of succesful start-ups, development and commercialisation of innovative software based products and services, artificial intelligence and end to end deep learning.


Potential of CADEN™ software recognised (24.06.2019)
The potential of CADEN software to help realise significant CO2 emission reduction is being recognised as measure #6 of Urgenda’s 40 point plan.

Test autonomous vehicle Ameland, NL (11.04.2019)
MWLC successfully carried out demonstrations with its CADEN™ software that uses only visual input to enable autonomous driving.

For more information about our company and about CADEN™ please get in touch. We also want to hear from investors with a focus and a network relevant to our technology and markets.

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