The built environment, the space in which we live and work, is mainly designed for navigation using visual perception. This inspired us at MWLC to design an approach to autonomous driving using visual information only, eliminating the need for any other sensors. Our efforts have resulted in a proprietary software package and a growing number of international patent applications.

Our proprietary software has been successfully deployed in a number of different drive by wire vehicles. The software is based on end to end deep learning and makes the autonomous movement (SAE level 4) possible of unmanned vehicles in unstructured environments.

There are large and growing global markets for our solution and we are working with B2B customers for whom autonomous transport using our software delivers increased safety; reduced capital and operational cost; and reduced CO2 emissions.

MWLC are a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. We endorse the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 7 principles for solving climate change. The principles outline an approach where protection of the environment can be addressed – with clean and efficient technologies – as a unique and profitable opportunity for economic growth, rather than an unsupportable and expensive problem.


MWLC have an experienced team of people who are passionate about what they do. With complementary skills and individual track records of succesful start-ups, development and commercialisation of innovative software based products and services, artificial intelligence and end to end deep learning.



MWLC’s Autonomous Vehicle for delivery and inspection draws constant attention at MOVE2020 in London (11-12 Feb)


MWLC’s Autonomous Vehicle AAV04 leads the way!

MWLC’s AAV04 using proprietary end to end deep learning software was deployed successfully to show VIPs to their meeting location.

MWLC is awarded membership of Connekt Network (26 Nov).

On 26 November MWLC participated in the Connekt Affiliation Final 2019. As part of the event there were 1-on-1 sessions with members of the Connect Network. Selected by Connekt members from KPN and TU Delft, MWLC was awarded a 2 year affiliate Connekt membership. MWLC expect significant benefit from participating in the network with its more than 500 global partners. Connekt Network focusses on smart, sustainable and social mobility.

Goederen vervoeren lukt de robotauto al heel aardig (Volkskrant Technieuws (9 nov).

Terwijl de autonome personenauto vertraging heeft opgelopen, lijkt autonoom transport wel goed op weg. Op Ameland reed al een veelbelovend robotkarretje rond. 

MWLC Joins NVIDIA Inception Programme (9 Oct).

MWLC BV today announced it has joined the​ ​NVIDIA Inception program​ as a community member. The Inception program is designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Gemeente Ameland juicht het initiatief van MWLC uit Utrecht toe! (1 Oct)

Het softwarebedrijf MWLC wil zelfrijdend transport uitproberen in samenwerking met vishandel Metz uit Nes op Ameland. De gemeente Ameland juicht het initiatief toe.

MWLC at @NORTH Festival, Assen, NL (26 Sept).

MWLC attended the @North festival in Assen, the Netherlands and successfully delivered a driving demonstration with its proprietary software installed on an autonomous vehicle; participated in a panel discussion; and handed over an application for a permit under the Dutch Experimenteerwet.

Potential of MWLC’s proprietary software recognised (24 June)

The potential of MWLC’s proprietary software to help realise significant CO2 emission reduction is being recognised as measure #6 of Urgenda’s 40 point plan.

Test autonomous vehicle Ameland, NL (11 April)

MWLC successfully carried out demonstrations with its proprietary software that uses only visual input to enable autonomous driving.


For more information about our company and about our products and services please get in touch. We also want to hear from investors with a focus and a network relevant to our technology and markets.


address: Maliebaan 127, 3581CK Utrecht, Netherlands

email: mwlc@mwlc.global

telephone: +31 6 41440160